Free Learning Resources

I consider myself a life-long learner. Every day is a new quest for knowledge. For this reason, I wanted to make a quick post to highlight some of my favorite learning resources around the web.

eBooks and Publications

  • Packt Publishing – a very good publisher with books on any tech topic you could think of.
  • PythonBooks has a very good selection of free Python ebooks – from statistics to biopython.
  • JSBooks also has a very good selection of free Javascript ebooks – it is the sister site of the above site (PythonBooks).


  • KhanAcademy – Khan Academy is a wonderful site with many high quality instructional videos. There are also challenges so that you can apply the knowledge obtained from such videos. Topics range from mathematics to biology to American history.
  • PatrickJMT – similar to Khan Academy but focused strictly on math. A very high quality educator.
  • Numberphile and Computerphile are YouTube channels dedicated to mathematics and computer science, respectively. They offer explanations of various abstract mathematics and computer science topics.


  • Kattis – Kattis is a website that revolves around problem solving with programming. Most problems are mathematical in nature – you write a program that will solve a certain problem, you then submit it to Kattis, and their ‘judge’ runs your program with certain secret inputs and lets you know if your program behaved correctly (and within the given time & memory constraints). Points are then added to your score depending on the difficulty of the problem.


I hope you find this brief post useful. Time to start learning!