Steven’s Corner

Hi, my name is Steven Core. I am from Australia and love to drink booze and write code. I’ve been programming for a lot of my life and after I was shown AutoHotkey, things have taken off and I’ve been learning more and more.

I code anything that I can think of, mostly useful little programs that I need. I don’t have a specific focus on programming areas, but some of the things I’ve made include:

  • Theme creators
  • Random island generation with different algorithms
  • Configuration file switchers and reloaders
  • Armor builders for games
  • And other things.

I’ve used languages such as AutoHotkey, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Golang and tinkered with C and C++. I mainly use Python, but have started to really enjoy Golang and have made it my main focus for now.

If you’re interested in my projects check out